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When founder, Dave Appel, created SOLA in 2013 he had one mission in mind. Create a space where intimidation was never a factor. A place everyone felt welcome and part of the family. The “Cheers” of fitness. Where everybody knows your name. Six years later our mission is still the same and we deliver. Whatever your goal. To compete, feel better in your body, move through a life transition or begin your fitness journey for the first time. You have a home at SOLA.

We know your experience with us is about more than just fitness. Our goal is to serve you in all aspects of your life. We want to help you move better, recover better, feel better, fuel better and relate to yourself and those around you better. That is why we are passionate about three main pillars of fitness.

Functional Fitness, Nutritional Fitness & Mental Fitness.

We know when these three components are in balance it creates a stable equilibrium. A smooth wheel on which to roll through life. A homeostasis, where you become free to thrive. Our team of experts is prepared to provide tools and guidance for you. Addressing all three areas of fitness that we are the most passionate about.



Our coaches focus on you. Establishing and nurturing strong relationships. Our experts are ready to guide you down a path of self discovery and deliver the tools you need to excel. In fitness, nutrition or mindset. We’ve got you covered.

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director of operations // nutrition coach


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